"There are no comfy seats, glossy playbills or curtain calls. They’ve long jettisoned those theatrical touchstones. Though there are scenic elements, they occur in concert with their environment like art installations taking advantage of the buildings, the neighborhood and even the time of day....Soundscapes are employed in many of the locations with an emphasis on blurring boundaries of the noise of the environs be they physical or mental...Be ready for anything. You’ll need more than sensible shoes for this journey." - David Novinski, Theater Jones


"...Using kids who are the age of these characters gives it deeper urgency, and Hibbs’ staging makes smart use of the Bath House stage with just a few, spare set pieces that allow for striking shadowplay...An inspired directing choice is having the actors occasionally use the light from their own cellphones to serve as the only illumination. It’s evocative and haunting.

One of the best shows at this year’s FIT, Good Kids is a reminder that technology is powerful; and that literally and metaphorically, just because you delete something doesn’t mean it’s gone...." Mark Lowry, TheaterJones



"In this way, playwright Hibbs is going to take us on a moving journey into the bewildering world of the bipolar. Only the poles aren’t just manic/depressive but also extrovert/introvert, creator/created, extraordinary/ordinary.

...It’s hard to delineate where the inventive writing ends and the inventive directing begins. More important is the great effort that she has elicited from her collaborators, including her cast. The result is confluence of artistic endeavor rare around here.

... When things get really intense, Ms. Magill adds an immersive sound design to her projections that takes us right down the rabbit hole with the characters. It’s almost an immersive performance art piece." - David Novinski, Theater Jones