Co-Director with Thomas Riccio

Created by Dead White Zombies

World Premiere

Holy Bone is an promenade, immersion experience taking place in multiple structures through West Dallas. Participants proceed through a series of intimate performances where they are awakened to the world around them and are encouraged to actively engage in every circumstance - not simply watch. Participants select questions for their journey to explore, throw bones in a reading, answer personal interrogations, meditate, and map their life story in this one of a kind experience. Participants proceed in small waves, some even walk the course in complete solitude as a personal meditative experience.

Collaborators: Bailee Rayle (Performer, "Listening Room"), Scot Gresham Lancaster (Sonic Design), Allie Werle (Performer, "Meditation/Journey's End"), Hannah Weir (Performer/"Outdoor Priestess"), Mona Karsa (Projection Design), Hilly Holsonback (Performer/"Tan"), Wes Ferguson (Performer/"Agent Zay"), Monika Bell (Performer), Charles Ratcliff (Performer/"The Prophet"), Stephen Gardner (Performer/"Q"), Becki McDonald (Performer/"Bung"), Abel Flores (Performer/"Healing Brew"), Jennifer Culver (Performer/"Kapsay"), Adnan Nessem Khan (Performer/"Vibration Room")

Featured Above: Allie Werle in "Fabrication"

Photo by Alisa Eykilis

May 2017